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I'm Sarah Jane 

Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Educator, 

Speaker, Retail Strategist, and Personal Stylist

I am on a mission to help women discover true self-confidence by empowering them to create a life, business, and personal style that they love.


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Learn the three steps to finding your unique style.

SJ's Story

Your pain births your passion, and I experienced a pivotal life changing moment in the 7th grade that ignited my passion to help others feel better about themselves through the way they dressed. I experienced first hand how an outfit can change a person’s image and give a person the confidence they need to face any situation. While I don’t believe that dresses change the world, I do believe that the women who wear them do. A woman who realizes her beauty and believes in herself can set the world on fire. 


I opened my first retail store in 2007, after working as a fashion designer for industry leading icons, with dual degrees in fashion. Through my 15 years of experience in fashion, I have helped thousands of women develop a radiant confidence through discovering a personal style all their own.

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Sarah's Mission

I am here to help women feel comfortable and confident in who they are through the lives they lead everyday, empowering them to love themselves, build a radiant self-confidence, encourage positive mindset shifts, and dream really big audacious dreams but then take action to go after those dreams.


Carrie C.

Sarah knows style - inside and out.  Her perspectives and advice are timeless and on-point.

Jessica S.

She has dressed me for keynotes, and has taught me how to bridge my preferred professional look to everyday wear that still reflects my fashion goals!

Karen W.

Sarah has a keen eye for detail.  She notices small but important  things that others do not notice.

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Becoming the person you are meant to be takes tenacity (grit as I call it) and grace!

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